Monday, April 28, 2008
im no more here. =)

ived moved on to a new blog.
hmm ask for my new blog..
if im willing to giv
ehehehe XD

10:07 PM
Saturday, February 9, 2008
blogging - last lyric...

in quitting blog soon.

sucha big fucker to my life.
shldnt start this freaking blog in the ferst place.
i wana have my own blog.
where no one can know my flaws n mistakes...
My own memory box in my head.

dear bloggers,

think of what you write in these blogs.
it may hurt others and i know... blogs = freedom of speech..
yes..but u might probably talk bout others.
and u know...people with ego's and cant accept the fact.
its just balderdash.

but...people shouldn't start these blog websites anyway because that it doesnt get people together..
what i think about blogging is just breaks people's relationships.
not just friends but also family members..
....and its very hurtful...dunt u think?
i suggest all people should reconsider of giving ur blog links to other people.
to whom u can trust and distrust.

as u can see... i have the whole time in this world...
and me myself has alot of problems of my own.
but i didnt post it alot in my blog because i know its too personal and i cant depend on my blog because i know that people would read and would get nosy with wats happening with me..
i can still remember the days without blog.
people were happy together and if there is any problems they wrote it in their personal diary or to the people who they trust...
its so peace and harmony in that time.
ut now... blog has destroyed my life and wrote it with a black permanent marker.

...i dont know what to say anymore.. i guess thats ol folks...
i guess this is the last lyric of my life...
i dun know..
7:13 PM
Wednesday, February 6, 2008
freakin assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i reali dun knw la.
screw e person in my gf's blog sia.
aiyo. wat my gf say is truly true uh.
i know her more then i know myself..
if e person who tag, somehow or somewhat is related to tha topic.
n i would say that surves u right man.
u had tha privilledge thn u threw i away.
ol u hav to do is ask!..god dammit!

wad if she rejects??
and if she rejects..
there is a sure thing that she has her reasons!
nabei cbibs!
no nd to perli2 rite.
can talk face to face right.
dun let until i myself say right in front of ur freaking face in front of e public la sia.
before u treat others.
look at urself uh. how u talk to others.
especially to ur family members!
how u treat them is important.
not onli in e public thn u nice2 to them...nooonono!
fuck dats hypocrite shit fucking asshole!


im pissed and felt sorry for my darl.

i jus hope that god will punish u dearly until u know how to treat others well enough.
wat u do to them is what theyll do to u.
so think about it.
(im not sayin this to my darl. she had enuf of it. )

TIPS : try working on ur speech with no vulgars. it works.
12:19 PM
Thursday, January 31, 2008


3:03 PM
Sunday, January 27, 2008
happy birthdae diniee!!! part 2

hey hey hey! itd meee and its the par two of my bdae ! hahaha hmm part 1?? hmm u can visit my gf's blog to c aite. so heres the part two of it. i wud like to share with u all my bdae. my 19th bdae =) enjoyyyyy....

me and my gf! nyarhaha! XD
back to my bdae..
...me n my family went out at arnd 3 pm in
the afternoon..we went to rasa-rasa food fiesta restaurant..
at "woodlands lamer".. hehe..

then suddenly when we arrived..
(can u c the car?)
its not a parking lot tho..
the car was unintentionally, literally parked its car
in front of a malay store selling bju kurong..
hahah hw cool is dat..
u cant c dat anywhere anytime...
and i saw it rite in front of my eyes..
hw cooooolll...
on my bdae..
right on the dot.. haha

(im soo interested..nooot!)
thn after "collision hour"..
its pressie tym!! hahah wooo hoo!! the moment
that every bdae boy hopes for..!

aik..?! amcm kakak pon ble ader?
hahah lols.
we share our happyness together aite

my turn! nyahaha XD!

prized for the most valuable resent of all!

after much presents and "wah..coolnes!" hav stopped,
the food arrived and replace my grumbling tummy..
yum yum!

mom...n dad slicing up the sweet and sour fish..

suda kenyang?..hahaha
then lets go!!

after eating were off to plaza sing t catch a movie.
its a violent show..
way way coolness..
frm my point of view. hah
lols we watched RAMBO 4.-john RAMBO
its coll uh e show.
lots of shootings and.
the ferst ym i got to watch a violent show with my parents in a theatre
hw cooll hah XD lols
anyways im legal since 18..hahaha no worries.

at plaza sing arcade..kakak was hoping for a soft toy to bing hm. haha
and she got one frm abg hariz.
hw sweet =)

i was walking thn i felt sumone tapped my arm.
i was like eh hu sia...
thn i turn
shafiq and zura.
thn we "eh?..eh!" haha
dnt expect thm to there tho.
thn after ol dat. we went in to watch RAMBO!
afer much violence..
haha we went hm and i cant wait to meddle with my new presets! wo hoo!!
here are the pics to my presents...

prized for the most thoughtful present/bdae card ever! x)))
from my one and only nurifa elferra
i love u darl. =*

she bought me snickers! adidas duuuude..
cool shit! (thanks ferra syg!)

and boxers for our monthsary..wuuu~~ haha XD
(fyi : tis is my ferst ever boxer)
thanks again syg for tis and adding p to my "ferst ever" record book
heehhe XD

tis is the things dat syg gave me..
(sory darl i didn put in the other small "card")

present from mom n dad, kakak and abg hariz..
love u ol man!

fullermak! hp beybeh!
its quite common but wth..
its got good functions =)
im down with dat! haha

(credits to mom)

a bluetooth headset! woo hoo!!
altho not the kind dat i want.
but its still a bluetooth headset!
(ceh dinie mcm businessman seh! haha)

(credits to mom)

an umbro sweat shirt! coolness!! i like the orange =)

(credits to kakak n abg hariz)

an adidas watch! woo hoo!! haha ultimate coolness!
cool colour as well. ocean blue..wuu huu! haha

(credits to kakak n abg hariz)

the presents of my 19th birthday

from my one and only mom..
i love u too mom.
the best mom ull ever have.

and lastly,..my most thoughtful birthday card ever..
the contents are to be kept confidential btw.

i love u ol.
nurifa elferra
abg hariz
and everyone hu i knw.
and thanks for ya bdae wishes. appreciate thm all! haha

"18 has passed and now come nineteen...
been working my arse, been thrilled and exhilarating...
a new year for me,
another chance of hu i wana b..=)"

dear god, can u help me with tis one..
thank you =)

ok chaioz!

c u ol sooN!
1:10 PM
Saturday, January 26, 2008
my bdae part 0.5!

hmmm its my bdae today! hahahah hmm cant post now got to go out baby! hahaha i love u darlin ferra!! mwahhz mwahhz mwahhz!! syggg!! i nd a hug frm u now! haha

ps: ill update u all tonite k :)
n i got a very cool n nice + sweet frm my one n only... so stay tuned...on channel Din!

1:25 PM
Thursday, January 24, 2008

hmm been sick lately

haha. my gf is takin her o's today..best wishes to her and her fellow friends.

=) i support you 101 percent%!
hmm time really flies...

i got alot to say but i cant..the mucus in my nose are too blocking my thinking.. haha cant do my test properly too man.
hmm and the panadol cold is not helping.


i really hope that my gf will pass her o's. hmmm come what may. i lay my hopes and wishes to gods will. insyaallah she can do it ;)

hmmm today is my performance of the Mr ans Mrs RP. we will dance in the forum. yup and we havent decide on what to wear. hahahaah lols.... hmm recently...been unorganized with things.. quite irritating actually. but surprises really surprises me hahaha... XD

ok la chaioz!
9:33 AM
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